I am excited to announce the launch of the Research Triangle RISC-V Community Group!

As evidenced by my recent posts and conference talks, I have been spending more and more time learning and working in and around the RISC-V community. While there are numerous commercial benefits of an open source instruction set architecture (ISA), I am particularly excited about the opportunities it provides for folks like myself who do not have formal training in processor design. Software that interacts closely with hardware, such as compilers and embedded systems, has long been accessible in an open source context, but RISC-V opens up the other side of the interface. Speaking from my own experience, being able to see both the software and hardware side has greatly accelerated my skills and understanding. I hope that continuing to create more resources for learning and advancement will allow others to have the same experience.

I recently moved to North Carolina and have been excited about some of the work being done in the area related to RISC-V. If you are interested in attending, assisting in organizing, or hosting events at your company or organization, please feel free to reach out on Twitter at @hasheddan.

Onwards towards a more open hardware future!