Docker containers are widely used for developing and running anything from web applications to redis caches. However, they can also be useful for running what can effectively be a light VM (a container operates very differently from a VM, but we are just talking about the use case). I like to use a container for accessing the the Linux command line. However, many users do not know how to run a container in the background and access the shell. Here is a simple way to do so, with a very minimal Ubuntu container:

  • Create a directory and a Dockerfile inside. Use the linked Dockerfile above for a minimal Ubuntu configuration.
  • Build the container with your desired image name: docker build -t <image_name> .
  • Run the container in the background: docker run -t -d <image_name>
  • Identify container name: docker container ls
  • Connect to the Linux shell in the container: docker exec -i -t <container_name> /bin/bash
  • When done, kill the background container process: docker kill <container_name>

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